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Best Prenatal Fitness Books

Updated: May 21, 2021

Expect Fitness has you covered with OB-GYN reviewed and approved workout videos for expectant and new moms. And if you’re readers like us, you might also want to dive in and check out some of the best books on pre and post-natal fitness:

Yeah Baby!: The Modern Mama's Guide to Mastering Pregnancy, Having a Healthy Baby, and Bouncing Back Better Than Ever by Jillian Michaels

Superstar fitness guru Jillian Michaels of The Biggest Loser fame takes you through a winning total body plan that includes exercises, nutrition, and lifestyle tips. With a dream team of a dietitian, pediatrician, OB-GYN and fitness experts, this book is comprehensive yet easy to read.

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Baby Om: Yoga for Mothers and Babies by Laura Staton and Sarah Perron

Can you do yoga and bond with your newborn at the same time? As your newborn becomes integral to every part of your life, this book shows you how to incorporate your baby into your yoga workouts, and hopefully a lifelong practice!

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Exercising Through Your Pregnancy Kindle Edition by James F. Clapp and Catherine Cram

If you’re a science geek, Exercising Through Your Pregnancy takes you through the biological benefits of prenatal fitness. It’s written by a biology/obstetrics professor and an exercise physiologist--a perfect combination of perspectives.

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Diastasis Recti: The Whole-body Solution to Abdominal Weakness and Separation By Katy Bowman

More than half of women can experience diastasis recti, where the ab muscles separate, and this book full of photos and step-by-step exercises can help you prevent and heal this common condition.

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Fit to Deliver: An Innovative Prenatal and Postpartum Fitness Program by Karen Nordahl, Carl Petersen, Renee M. Jeffreys

We love that this is written by a doctor (all of Expect’s workouts are OB-GYN approved). The workouts are pretty classic--nothing too fancy here--but if you’re a fan of the tried and true, this book is a strong pick.

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