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Expect Benefits for Your Baby...

Healthier Hearts

Babies born to mothers who exercise have healthier hearts

Better Brain Development

Improved Motor Skills

Babies born to mothers who exercise perform better on motor test skills

Stronger Bodies into Childhood

Exercise during pregnancy can decrease children’s risk of developing obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

And Expect Benefits for You

Gestational Diabetes

Prenatal fitness is proven to reduce the instance of gestational diabetes, which is linked to autism

Cesarean Birth

Prenatal fitness reduces C-sections and increases the likelihood of vaginal delivery

Excessive Weight Gain

Prenatal fitness reduces excessive gestational weight gain

Preterm Birth

Prenatal fitness reduces the incidence of preterm birth

A Word from Our Moms



Working out with Expect Fitness

is most of all FUN! The exercises are varied and easy to follow, but challenging enough to get a great workout. Training through all three of my pregnancies has helped me feel better both physically and mentally. It also makes the whole difference of ‘getting back’ after the babies are born!



Expect Fitness is a great workout, it incorporates different movements that are belly friendly.

Join #ExpectChallenge

& share your Expect experience.

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